Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10/15/16 - West University Place, TX

We got up early to watch the sun rise over the lake.  Then we hooked up the Casita and drove home.

Here are some statistics for this trip:

Days gone: 115
Miles driven: 10,568
Gasoline cost: $1,551.87
Breweries visited: 166
National parks/historic sites visited: 8
States visited: 7
Camping cost: $1,794.50
Average camping cost per day: $15.60

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10/14/16 - Texana Park and Campground, Edna, TX

This is the last day for us to camp --we will be home tomorrow.  We drove to Texana Park and Campground near Edna, TX (formerly Lake Texana State Park).  After getting a site right on the lake we went to HEB in Edna, and Jim went into a couple of resale shops.  Then we went back to camp and hiked some of the trails and found 3 geocaches.  At camp we sat out by the lake and watched the sun set and the moon come up.  I made enchiladas for supper and Jim updated the blog for a few days.  The office was closed and we wanted some wood to build a fire on our last night.  The camp host gave us some to use.  They get it from the sites after people leave and they clean up.  We had a nice fire after it got dark.  We had three barred owls across the street start hooting.  They were really making a beautiful noise.  The group camping in tents next to us had three children with them.  They gave one of the children a laser light that she used it to shine on the owls and scared them away.  I said rather loud, it was nice to hear the owls until the little girl next door used the laser light to scare them.  The father then told her to stop but it was too late and the owls never came back.

10/13/16 - Goliad State Park, Goliad, TX

Today we drove to Goliad State Park -- we camped here in May also.  We got a site and then went to find some geocaches in town and one in the park.  Most of the ones we found today were in cemeteries.  The graves were really old, one of them was from 1843.  Jim went into an antique store.  Then we went back to camp and I fixed chicken stir-fry which we sat outside and ate.

Friday, October 14, 2016

10/12/16 - Lake Corpus Christi State Park, Mathis, Tx

It was clear when we got up but around 9 am it got really foggy.  We saw a Crested Caracara, near our campsite.  We left Choke Canyon State Park and drove to Lake Corpus Christi State Park.  Between the park and Mathis we saw a bobcat run across the road.  When he got to the other side he couldn’t get through the fence.  The holes in the fence were too small for him.  He went into a panic trying to find a way through and to safety.   

After unhooking at our site we hunted for some geocaches.  We found one but the other two were not there any more.  Then we drove to Lipantitlan State Historic Site.  This was the site of an 1835 battle between the Mexicans and Texians.  From there we went into Corpus Christi to Railroad Seafood Station which has a microbrewery.  We left the truck in their parking lot and walked across to the bay to walk along the seawall.  From there walk along the bay you can see the WW2 aircraft carrier Lexington.  Then we went to B&J's Pizza and Pub where we met Betty, a friend of mine who I used to work with at Brown & Root in Houston, and John, a friend from our neighborhood in West University Place.  They have a small brewing system and we had some of their beers with our pizza.

10/11/16 - Choke Canyon State Park-Calliham Unit, Calliham, Texas

We stopped at Walmart before leaving San Antonio.  We got a site in the state park and are the only ones camping in the whole place.  There are lots of turkeys in this park.  We saw an osprey and an owl, too.  Also, there are a lot of mosquitoes!  You can't stay outside without spraying down during the day.  At night it is unbearable.  There were lots of them in the Casita that we had to kill.  We found 3 geocaches in the state park today.  We drove into Three Rivers and went to an antique store.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

10/10/16 - Travellers World RV Park, San Antonio, TX

Today is our 12th Anniversary.  Jim took me to Don Marcelino’s in Del Rio for breakfast.  When we got to Uvalde we stopped by my niece Lauren’s house to leave the books I got from the library sale.  After getting an RV site in San Antonio, we drove to Alamo Brewing and met James.  He is the brewer for them.  We had some beers and then the three of us went to eat at La Fonda on Main for our anniversary.  We wanted James' wife Tina to go but she had gone to a girls night out in Austin.  Maybe next time we will meet her.  After returning to camp we went for a walk on the part of the San Antonio Riverwalk that goes past the RV park.  It was dark when we returned.  At night we shared the Prairie Artisan Apple Brandy Barrel Noir beer for our anniversary.


10/9/16 - Holiday Trav-L Park, Del Rio, TX

We left Ft. Davis after being here for 13 nights.  We stopped in Langtry at Judge Roy Bean's Law West of the Pecos Jersey Lilly Saloon.  Mary and Fred showed up here also.  We got a camping site in Del Rio.  Then we went to the VFW for a beer and to Walmart for some staples.  Jim filled up with gas so we wouldn’t have to in the morning while the Casita was attached.  We walked all around the RV park for our steps then Jim watched the Presidential debate.