Friday, October 14, 2016

10/12/16 - Lake Corpus Christi State Park, Mathis, Tx

It was clear when we got up but around 9 am it got really foggy.  We saw a Crested Caracara, near our campsite.  We left Choke Canyon State Park and drove to Lake Corpus Christi State Park.  Between the park and Mathis we saw a bobcat run across the road.  When he got to the other side he couldn’t get through the fence.  The holes in the fence were too small for him.  He went into a panic trying to find a way through and to safety.   

After unhooking at our site we hunted for some geocaches.  We found one but the other two were not there any more.  Then we drove to Lipantitlan State Historic Site.  This was the site of an 1835 battle between the Mexicans and Texians.  From there we went into Corpus Christi to Railroad Seafood Station which has a microbrewery.  We left the truck in their parking lot and walked across to the bay to walk along the seawall.  From there walk along the bay you can see the WW2 aircraft carrier Lexington.  Then we went to B&J's Pizza and Pub where we met Betty, a friend of mine who I used to work with at Brown & Root in Houston, and John, a friend from our neighborhood in West University Place.  They have a small brewing system and we had some of their beers with our pizza.

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