Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10/14/16 - Texana Park and Campground, Edna, TX

This is the last day for us to camp --we will be home tomorrow.  We drove to Texana Park and Campground near Edna, TX (formerly Lake Texana State Park).  After getting a site right on the lake we went to HEB in Edna, and Jim went into a couple of resale shops.  Then we went back to camp and hiked some of the trails and found 3 geocaches.  At camp we sat out by the lake and watched the sun set and the moon come up.  I made enchiladas for supper and Jim updated the blog for a few days.  The office was closed and we wanted some wood to build a fire on our last night.  The camp host gave us some to use.  They get it from the sites after people leave and they clean up.  We had a nice fire after it got dark.  We had three barred owls across the street start hooting.  They were really making a beautiful noise.  The group camping in tents next to us had three children with them.  They gave one of the children a laser light that she used it to shine on the owls and scared them away.  I said rather loud, it was nice to hear the owls until the little girl next door used the laser light to scare them.  The father then told her to stop but it was too late and the owls never came back.

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  1. Oh man, I want a Casita Camper so bad! I'm on the hunt for one right now, I am so ready to go camping!