Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8/28/16 - Rosy Lane Campground, Gunnison National Forest, CO

Jerry fixed pancakes, bacon and sausage for breakfast and we ate inside the screen shelter around the fire pit.  Jim and Jerry went on a hike and Wanda and I stayed at camp.  I couldn’t go hike today.  I walked camp and slowly got my 10,000 steps.  Jerry hooked up his Honda generator to our Casita to boost the battery and I typed in the words for the blog for the last 6 days. Wanda and I finished a jigsaw puzzle that she had started.  I cleaned the Casita while Jim was out of the way.  It sure was nice to do it.   

When Jim and Jerry got back they said they had gone to the little gold mining town of Tincup and while they were at the town's cemetery they saw a moose family.  Then they drove up to Mirror Lake before going on their hike.  On the way back they had hail and rain while it was sunny here. They saw another moose on the way back.   In the evening we all went to Garlic Mike’s and had supper.  The man at the table next to us was from Houston.  He lived about a mile away from us.

8/27/16 - Rosy Lane Campground, Gunnison National Forest, CO

Jim, Jerry and I went for a hike today and Wanda stayed back at camp with Sally.  We hiked on the South Lotus Trail into the Fossil Ridge Wilderness Area of the Gunnison National Forest.  There were a lot of beaver dams and ponds along the way.  When we got back Wanda told us about the excitement at camp today.  A black bear was in camp following the river directly toward her.  She tried to grab Sally’s leash but before she could Sally spotted the bear and took off after it.  Sally scared the bear away.  Tonight we had sausage and chicken on the grill with green beans and potato salad.  We sat around the fire pit again tonight. I had a total of 20, 593 steps today and went to bed at 9 pm to read.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

8/26/16 - Rosy Lane Campground, Gunnison National Forest, CO

I made all of us oatmeal for breakfast this morning.  Then we sat inside Wanda and Jerry’s screened room around the fire pit.  Jerry and Jim went on a hike that Jerry tried last year but didn’t complete.  They climbed a steep hill to the crash site of an Army Air Corps B-24 Liberator bomber that went into the side of the mountain in 1943 killing all 11 airmen on board.  Pieces of the wreckage are still on the crash site (some pieces are hanging from trees) and flags have been set up as a memorial.  After they returned from the hike we all drove to Crested Butte and had a beer at The Eldo Brewery.  Then we drove to Gunnison and went to High Alpine Brewing.  Before returning to camp Jim and I got propane, went to WalMart and City Market and to the liquor store. We sat around the fire again tonight.

8/25/16 - Rosy Lane Campground, Gunnison National Forest, CO

We went to Weight Watchers in Grand Junction to weigh in for the month of August.  I was okay but Jim was ¾ of a pound over his goal weight and had to pay $14.00.  Then we went to Walgreens and Taco Bell before hooking up the Casita and leaving for Gunnison, Colorado.  Jim talked to our friend Lorna who lives in California to wish her a happy birthday.  We stopped in Montrose at Horsefly Brewing and split a pint and then continued on to Gunnison and got a campsite in the Gunnison National Forest at Rosy Lane Campground on the Taylor River.  Our friends from Mississippi, Wanda and Jerry, have been here a couple of days and we will camp with them. We sat around the fire pit at their site.

8/24/16 - Fruita, CO

Today we left Rifle and drove to Fruita, Colorado.  Before we left, Jim made waffles in honor of National Waffle Day. We got a site in the state park here instead of staying in the campground inside Colorado National Monument where we stayed last time.  I forgot to mention earlier that the Colorado State Parks during the month of August will give veterans a pass for the month that lets them in for free.  We haven’t had to pay the $7 per day entry fee, we just pay for the camping spot.

On the way to Fruita we stopped in Palisade and had a beer at Palisade Brewing.  Today is National Peach Pie day so we had a Peach IPA instead.  After unhooking we drove through the Colorado National Monument and took pictures.  The views and scenery in the park are marvelous!  We came out of the park in Grand Junction and we went to Best Buy for Jim to get a new memory card for his camera.  Then we went to Edgewater Brewing.  After returning to Fruita we went to Suds Brothers Brewing (this was the 100th brewery on this trip) and to Copper Club Brewing.

8/23/16 - Rifle Gap State Park, CO

Jim made breakfast sandwiches and then we walked all of the loops and roads of the camp.  We ended up with 12,000 steps.  Then we took a drive to Rifle Mountain Park which is in a box canyon.  This was a really beautiful drive.  There were people rock climbing.  We also visited the Riparian Center.  We had rain around 6 pm.

8/22/16 - Rifle Gap State Park, CO

Today we took a drive to Glenwood Springs and had a beer at Glenwood Canyon Brewing.  This brewery is on the site of an old hotel where Doc Holliday died.  After having a beer we hiked up a steep trail to Doc Holliday’s gravesite.  He died of TB and was in a coma the last few days of his life.  He died indigent and was buried in the pauper part of the cemetery.  Records were lost to the gravesite's location and no one knows which grave is his.  There is a memorial to him near the flag in the center of the cemetery.  Kid Curry is also buried here. He was part of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's Wild Bunch gang.  He was killed after he was tracked down after a train robbery.  

Then we drove to Aspen and had a beer at Aspen Brewing.  The bartender gave us a really funny bumper sticker that we put on the Casita bumper.  Jim knew about a beautiful lake that was supposed to be one of the most famous photo sites in Colorado.  We drove up to Maroon Bells in the White River National Forest and it was 58 degrees and cloudy there.  Everyone was in coats and jeans.  We had on shorts and t-shirts.  On the way back we stopped in Carbondale and had beers at Roaring Fork Brewing and Carbondale Beer Works.